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Kho-Kho:The Game of Strict Discipline

The practice of requiring people to obey rules or a code of behaviour, using a sentence to correct insubordination. You can see that the game Kho-Kho is the most discipline game ever as every move of a game is based on proper practises of skill on a regular basis. The success of Team in kho-kho tournament depends on the discipline of performers as it is a need of every game but Kho-Kho is total coordination based game in which every player has to support, govern the specialist of the team with proper way then only performance is boosted then result in their favour.

Kho-Kho moreover called as the game of chase and run as it demands complete action from both the ends and every small move is a plan which is practised concurrently and which only masters when there is discipline among players during practice and in-game.

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Lots of strategies /tricks are planned by chasers to out the defenders in the field and these plans required proper coordination of players to make it effective and bring the defender into their reach. Without discipline, it is not possible to put all nine attackers to act and react in a timeless manner and perform successfully.

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Three players who entered the field to defend themselves against the opponent team are called defenders whereas the player who is currently chased is called active defender. Coordination, discipline and regularity is the need for perfection. As players entered in a batch of 3, and they required proper adjustments, avoiding, how to divert the attack so that they defend maximum time in the field. It purely reflects strict discipline.

You can see that in Kho-Kho match skills are the weapons of players which he/she can use in case of need to put enemy(opponent player) down. Some of the skills that are commonly used are

Shoot: The skill that demands timing, speed, accuracy and assistance of proper kho then only shoot is perfect. As I perform shoot during matches what I experience is that it is completely mastered with the regular practice among the teammates with complete momentum, strength, coordination of, understanding the moves of defender and commitment towards the game. This is the result of extensive discipline.

Pole dive
The most effective and one of the powerful skill which needs regularity and coordination with other players. Lakhwinder Singh , Dhirender Singh and Deepak are some players of India that I know who mastered this skill during the era of the 2000s and they were part of the team who qualify pool in National Championship. There are few  players like Aniket Pote of Maharashtra, Amit Patil (Western Railway) and more who perfect this skill and this comes when you forfeit yourself for your game and follow strict discipline.

The above text concludes Kho-Kho is a game that demands strict discipline and improves the lifestyle of a player with a disciplined activity that open channels to success in life.

 Voice of International Player
  Pankaj Malhotra(India)

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